Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Where is my protective bubble?

So I thought I would use my lunchtime today to write a few things to the few folks out there checking out the blog...just an update is all.

So, Florida was amazing. We had a great time there. The beaches were beautiful, weather was nice, and the water was the clearest Ive ever seen it. I actually played in the ocean for several hours over many days, and Im not too fond of sealife, but it was that pretty. I really enjoyed my time. We left Friday and drove home with Matt, Ashley, Reef, and Sam in the Hummer (yes, Daniel and I were in there too!) Reef got a bed on top of the suitcases so she was sitting higher (and less cramed) than all of us.

Saturday I was on my way to pick up Louis and when I stepped off the porch, smack, I came down on the outside of my left ankle. Well, the pain was incredible. I thought I would be sick right there. So Im crying on the front step and trying to call Daniel from my cell. He actually heard my crying and ran out.

This is the mushy part - He sat down next to me and held me and asked if I was ok and what he could do. Instead of talking to him, I puked. Yep, right in the front lawn. Daniel held me and wiped my hair off my face and told me it was ok. I kept crying and then I told him sorry I puked on the lawn. LOL.

Ok mushy part over - So Daniel carried me inside and then propped my ankle up, got me ice and a sprite and brought all my stuff back inside. He took good care of me. =)

Monday, I went to the doc. My ankle was still really swollen, painful to walk on, of course bruised, and my toes were kinda swelling. So, doc x-ray'd and its not broken (which I was pretty sure of) but I did achieve 3 different sprains at once. As the doc is telling me that the first tendon has a severe sprain, second is moderate, and third is not so bad - he touches my ankle on the moderate one and I burst out in tears. And not like weep weep, Im talking like he stabbed me pain. So then hes like "OMG" cause Im crying. Well, I got ahold of myself much more quickly than when Daniel came outside.

Doc put me in this miniboot. He said the big boot would work, but would be too heavy based on the sprain etc (not to mention its 100 degrees in TX). He told me to use crutches (which my dad so graciously supplied me with back in 2005) and stay off it. Then, when it starts to get better, I can dismantle the miniboot and start walking. Woot.

After work, I sat in the big recliner and Daniel brought me pillows, ice, water, my laptop, my puzzle book, and pretty much everything I wanted when I asked. Did I mention that he had a really busy day? So instead of resting, he took care of me. =) Im really lucky. He didnt complain once.

I hate being reliant on other people, but Daniel is a trooper. He let me borrow his backpack to keep stuff in (way easier than a purse when on crutches) and brought me food etc. He is so good to me. Can I just say how much I love him! =D

So, only a few days on the crutches and Ill be back in the saddle. Good thing I have a fridge in my office and folks nearby who are ready to help. I love working here. =)

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Perfect Day

Today was just a great day. Matt, Daniel, Ashley and I all went to the beach this morning and spent a good deal of the day there. We stopped for sandwiches at Subway and packed up the coolers. Matt and Ashley stopped at Alvin's Island for rafts and I got a visor and chair.

The beach was amazing today. It was crystal clear and amazingly sunny and colorful. The water was this fabulous aqua/jadeite color along the shore. Past the sandbar, the water had a great dark blue color. The waves were slowly crashing as the tide let out. I have been to the beach twice since I was a kid (save the recent past). In those times, I can remember getting in the ocean to my knees or just running in and out. I cant remember playing in the ocean since I was a kid. I remember being at the beach and LOVING the ocean and sand. I remember being scared of the ocean when I was little, but I also remember loving jumping waves.

Today, I played in the ocean for a few hours! It was so much fun. I actually cant remember a time when I spent so much time in the ocean and had such a great time. I sat on the side of the beach right in the waves and let the sand and water wash me out. It was great! I bobbed in the waves and just listened to the surf.

So as Im having all this fun in the water, I actually took the time to say to myself "Remember this day. This is a perfect day. The ocean water is clear and the perfect temperature. The sand is bright white and so soft. The sun is bright and the breeze is cool. You are surrounded by people that love you." It was amazing to stop and realize that today was everything I wanted it to be. I love being on the beach. Id rather be on the beach than anywhere else. If I could find a job where I could work and live near the beach, Id jump. I sat back on the side of the beach where the water could wash up over my legs and just thinking about if I could be anywhere and doing anything right now, would it be this? Yep.

I then thought about how I was really enjoying the moment because Ive worked so hard this year. The team and I have been through alot in the last 8 months and we've accomplished alot. Personally, Ive been straight A's in school, AdShuffle, friend stuff, and fallen more in love with Daniel every day (shout out baby!!!) haha.

It was so nice to not be looking at the computer or phone for a while. (I should admit that I was reading Sarah Lacy's "Once Youre Lucky, Twice Your Good". Its about Web 2.0 - Im addicted to Silicon News) So although reading about tech stuff, I didnt have the phone out on email, text or calls. I thought that it was a great reward for alot of hard work. Then, I thought "I wonder how I can bring my team here for a reward?" Im still not sure how I could pull it off, but I wanted to share that fun with them.

Each time I looked back to the umbrella, D was reading or helping Matt with the kite or watching me. Each time I caught his eye though, even if he wasnt looking when I first looked over. It was so cute. He was watching me in the ocean, just in case something happened and I got in trouble. =) I love him. He made sure everyone was safe today. It was awesome to share the perfect day with Daniel and the crew. I love being a part of their family. =)

Tonight, we are going to grill out and then do some mini golf or the driving range (I brought my clubs! and I have super cute shoes!)Im so excited. Its been a great trip. I wouldnt have changed a thing. Thank God for such a perfect day.

Now seems like a good time

So last time Daniel and I came to the beach, we wanted to take Sam down to the ocean to play. She's done it once before and just loved it!!! So, this morning I got up at 7am, showered, and was ready to go. Daniel....well, its been an hour and he's still in bed. Sorry Sam, doesnt look like we are swimmin this morning. ;)

The trip has been so much fun. We left Friday morning, after not rushing and sleeping more than 2 hours each (or between the two of us, because Daniel didnt sleep at all the night before). We drove all day to Plaqumine, Louisiana where Lauren, Ray, and Fabian showed us a super fun time. I have to say, I did a nice job dancing with the man in the white shirt. haha Lo and Ray have the cutest place. I cant wait to see their new house. Lo's parents house was still being worked on from Gustav last year. Its crazy to see how much damage is still left in that part of the state.

(Daniel just snored - he's asleep in Matt's living room).

So Saturday morning we packed up and headed to P-cola. Nice drive and no problems. Woo hoo! We arrived and had a great evening with Matt and Ashley. Surf burger did us justice, but we were so sleepy afterwards! Sunday morning we went to Hemmingways, which I think is my new fav place on the beach. It was a beautiful atmosphere and pretty good food. Too bad its so expensive.

Monday we went to the beach. Daniel got sunburned. =/ I said "Do you want to stop and get suntan lotion?" "Nope, Ill be fine" 14 hours later...Daniel is still asleep. Poor guy. It really took it out of him. We did get to see a flyover by the Blue Angels (formations and all). It was amazing. The pictures dont do it justice. We also had the Army fly overhead in a chopper.

The water is the most beautiful Ive ever seen it down here. There is no seaweed or jellies. The first time we came to P-cola, they were calling it 'Firewater' because of all the jellies from the storm. In July, there was tons of seaweed. This trip, woot....all clear. Its just beautiful. Im hoping to go back soon and spend all day on the beach. I love it.

We have had an amazing trip thus far and its not even half over. I hope to come back burnt to a crisp (ok, not really...just tan) and ready to get back to the office. Im lucky to have such a great team that they are taking care of business. :)

Ok, so those are some highlights so far.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Without words

I am normally not one to be without words. Today, however, I cant find words to encompass the emotion, sadness, and anger I feel.

Several of you know that Daniels dad, Dan Dase, passed away Dec 29, 07. In the accident with him was Caleb Hays. Caleb is the nephew of Pat and Joel (great friends of Dan and Dede). Both Dan and Caleb perished in the accident.

I cannot capture in words the feelings that come with that short background. It doesnt do justice to the sadness and loss I feel. Maybe Ill try one day when I can dedicate a lifetime. I keep thinking about the words at Dan's funeral "How do you measure a man?"

Caleb's parents, Jerry and Gretchen, and his brother Noah continued to live in St Louis. They were blessed with baby Nate this year. What a miracle from God.


Friday, July 24th Nate passed in his sleep. Six months old and he was taken by SIDS. There are just no words to even try to express or wrap thoughts around this. I cannot imagine the wretched pain that family is feeling. Im praying for any moment of comfort for them. Anything.

I think once everything settles in a bit more Ill be able to write about it. Its like reliving things all over again.


Friday, July 24, 2009

Stories from my week

So this week has been strange. Ive had an amazing week in alot of respects and in others I feel like Ive been backed over with a Dodge.

Story #1: Victoria Holt is not a Salinger...just that kinda week
I seem to have trouble finding my words this week. Whenever I'm in a conversation, Ill be looking for a word and it just escapes me. So I end up describing and using hand motions and I look like a buffoon. Sigh. I guess its all that coke Ive been doing (JUST KIDDING).

So, Thursday we normally have our exec meetings. I'm in the hall outside the conf room waiting for another meeting to end. Leah (the president of a sister company), Andrea (the president of our company - and my boss), Gerrit (my colleague) and Jim (colleague) are all standing out together and talking. We start talking about assumed names and that authors sometimes write under a "pen name" etc. Well, for some reason, I think there is one word that describes a "pen name" but I wasn't thinking assumed name or pseudonym etc. Leah, who is a literary genius, says she is going to think about it. She goes to her office to grab something (we are still waiting for our meeting to start) and comes back and says "I googled Victoria Holt because I know she writes under a pen name (several actually) and all I can find is pen name, assumed name, pseudonym etc. I know she writes under JD something..."

My "wanting to be helpful" ass says "JD Salinger?"

Yeah, let that sink in for a moment

Of course, we all laugh because JD Salinger wrote Catcher in the Rye and is almost 90. Sigh. Its part of the whole, I cant find the right word thing. LOL.

Story #2: Driving like an ass is just not worth it.
So Tuesday Im on my way to work and on 183. Traffic is starting to back up near my exit, but people are still moving about 45 -50 MPH. Im in the middle lane and have about 3 car lengths in front of me before the next car. The car there is a grey dodge ram. In the lane to his right is this white van that is some kind of work or delivery van.

So, as traffic starts to slow, the white van puts on his blinker and comes into the middle lane. Grey truck guy feels that he was cut off so he swerves into the left lane and speeds up to pull along side the white van now in the middle lane. As I see this happen, I slow down because these jokers are obviously high and Im not trying to wreck my wee-mobile.

The grey truck guy pulls up to the white van and flips him off. But not just like once and pulls ahead. He lays on the horn, holds out his arm and paces the van.

Everyone in the left lane then had to slow down. Well, the van in the middle cant go faster because of traffic, so he slows down to get away from crazy-flip-you-off-and-honk-truck guy. So truck guy then slows down.


So I'm now about 6 car lengths back because I dont have time to deal with crazy people. Well truck guy realizes he is holding up traffic, so he of course cuts the van off in the middle lane and slams on his breaks. Now at least the left lane is open and not just blocked with the middle.

So truck guy is on the phone and now driving 30 mph. The van cannot escape because traffic is going on both sides because they are the only lanes moving. Truck guy is on the phone and still flipping the van off and driving 30.

I waited until the coast was clear on the left and hit the gas to pass both of them. Who has time for that crap.

My opinion on the situation: There are always going to be people that drive crappy. Someone is going to cut you off for one reason or another. By you acting like an asshole and slowing down, flipping off, honking, taking your eyes off the road etc, you are only further endangering yourself, the other driver, AND EVERYONE ELSE ON THE DAMNED ROAD.

So, dont be a jerk. Just take a deep breath and let them go. Its not worth your life or anyone else's. Seriously. Why get so worked up over something so stupid? Its just material goods or time. If you die, its going to take you alot longer to get where you're going. And if you kill someone else, good luck getting to work from jail.

Story #3: Spaghettio face
Louis and Sam have been spending alot of time together lately. I really think that Sam has added years to Louis's life. Ive never seen that dog play so much in a week. They literally are always playing. If they arent playing, they are sleeping, eating, or peeing. They really play with each other all day.

So, I have nicknames for each dog based on past experiences. I call Sam (Escape - pronounced Es-cap-A) because when we went to Florida, she helped Reef (Matts dog) dig out of the back yard and escape to the front. Both dogs (being scaredy cats) just chilled in the front yard all night til Daniel woke up and got them.

I call Louis McGyver because that dog finds a way to get what he wants somehow. I think he has go-go-gadget pouches to store his ladder, screwdriver etc. The latest thing is that McGyver somehow took Daniels back screen door off the latch. We arent quite sure how he went from a closed door to half hanging off, but it happened.

So story -
Monday, Daniel had spaghettio's for dinner. He didnt eat them all and I think we can all agree that reheated spaghettios with franks are not good. So, Daniel threw the rest away.

Sam (who has been known to go through the trash before) and Louis (who hasnt gone through the trash in a few years, but is an eater and will pretty much eat anything) are left at Daniels while he goes to school. Daniel comes home and both dogs look suspicious.

Apparently, Louis had spaghettio's stuck to his eyes and ears and trash was all over the house. Sam apparently got in the trash and started pulling stuff out. Louis subcommed to peer pressure and decided to dive in and he got the spaghettios. Lets just say that Daniel and Louis had a "talk" that ended up in Louis getting a spanking and Daniel having a scratched eye!

Its definitely been a week. Im glad its Friday!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Living on the Edge of Richness

Since Ive been hanging out with Daniel alot lately, he's been super supportive of the working out. I of course do alot of elipticising, but as its not super portable, I have to make some concessions. Daniel has been great enough to go on long walks with me and encourage the working out. I also recently discovered that Ft Worth (specifically by TCU) has alot of hills!

So yesterday after work, Daniel and I decided to go on a walk. We left the dogs at the house because as I learned Saturday, Sam is much stronger than Louis and sometimes pulls hard (especially when she spots a bird to catch before I see it). lol Daniel and I set out a bit before 7pm yesterday to begin our walk. We decided to take a new route and explore some of the side streets. Well, let me tell you....the houses over there are unbelievable!!! They are huge!

Now you have to understand our comparison base. Daniel has the cutest house just down from TCU's main campus. It's two bedrooms and a bit small, but it slants! lol. Its so funny. Its really a charming house and it has an amazing back yard. So, when we see houses with more than one bathroom...lol. It seems that he is living right on the edge of richness! Its nice to dream about what you hope to have one day! =)

Well, the more we discovered bigger houses, the more we walked. At a particular point, we decided to go home, and Daniel said that we would just take the next street. Wouldnt you know, the next two were both dead ends! We ended up going down around Colonial and up behind the TCU stadium and back. It was about an hour and a half total. We def got a big workout. My legs were a bit sore!

We had a great time and we talked alot about different topics. It was great. We want to try to do it at least a few times a week. Im not sure how jealous the dogs were that they didnt get to go because they were relaxing and playing in the air conditioned house when we got back! lol

Friday, July 17, 2009

Im in love

I love Daniel Dase. I love him forever. He is my soul mate.